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Lawn Trolley

$ 150



  • POWERFUL LOAD AND LARGE CAPACITY – multi-functional garden cart has meticulous workmanship and strong design sense; Its maximum load can reach 600 lbs., which is more than twice that of competitors; there’s nothing you cannot pull away with this practical and convenient cart (to prolong its life, long-term heavy loading is not recommended)
  • FLEXIBLE HANDLES – The handles have a 180° turn design, so you can haul the cart in any direction freely and conveniently as you need; Its ergonomic design is comfortable for you to pull goods in an elegant way; It works well to turn your tiresome transports into one-time trips, showing excellent maneuverability even fully loaded
  • REMOVABLE SIDES – You don’t have to worry too much about the size of the cargo, even if the item is large; Just remove mesh sides and use it as a flatbed trailer; The detachable sides also add versatility when carrying larger loads; This dolly will be a tremendous help in general yard work, transporting anything too heavy or awkward to easily carry

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Weight 20 kg


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